In 2024, the number of health plans available in the Kansas market has decreased due to Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company’s decision not to offer plans in the state. This follows eight years of offering 25 plans in eight counties. On the other hand, Aetna Life Insurance Company is new to the market and offers only nine plans in 19 counties.

All eight insurers in Kansas offer extended bronze, silver and gold plans, with one insurer also offering a bronze plan and three insurers offering catastrophic plans. However, for the seventh year in a row, there are no platinum plans offered to individuals in the state. Additionally, all plans offered are exclusive provider organization (EPO) plans, meaning they cover services provided by a “narrow network” of providers except in emergencies.

Dental coverage is considered an essential health benefit for children enrolled in an ACA-compliant health plan in Kansas and is included in premium costs. However, for adults, dental coverage is not considered a basic health benefit and is not included in premium costs. Some insurers offer policies that combine health and dental insurance for adults where the premium covers both policies and Advanced Premium Tax Credits (APTC) may apply. Alternatively, adults can opt to purchase a stand-alone dental plan but must also be enrolled in an ACA-compliant health plan. In this case, individuals would be responsible for two separate premiums for health and dental coverage, and the APTC cannot be applied to stand-alone dental plan premiums. For 2024

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