The Tennessee Titans officially welcomed their new $55 million cornerback, L’Jarius Sneed. During his introductory press conference, Sneed addressed concerns about his knee health, noting that he had played the entire season without any problems and that there was nothing wrong with it. Despite earlier knee issues, he assured everyone that he was currently in good health.

Sneed’s durability has been a significant factor in his success with the Kansas City Chiefs over the past few seasons. He missed just three games in three seasons since his freshman year, where he was sidelined with a broken collarbone. Recent reports suggesting that his knee injury affected his trade market resulted in failed attempts before he landed with the Titans.

The Titans made a significant investment in Sneed, signing him to a four-year, $76.4 million contract with $55 million guaranteed. Initially concerned about his health and performance on the field, the team was confident in Sneed’s abilities and saw him as a valuable addition to their roster.

On the other hand, the Chiefs faced salary caps and had to make tough decisions regarding their roster. Snead’s outstanding performance last season earned him high praise from Pro Football Focus. His addition to the Titans comes at a time of team change as Mike Vrabel departs as head coach.

Snead’s presence on the team is expected to have a significant impact as the Titans aim to improve and compete in the upcoming season. The new head coach will be tasked with integrating Sneed into their defense strategy while also addressing any lingering concerns about his knee health.

By Samantha Johnson

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