Eric Trump has expressed his frustration with insurance companies while speaking on Fox News. He discussed his efforts to secure a $454 million bond to cover his father’s sentence in a civil fraud case. The fine is $355 million, plus interest, and former President Donald Trump was ordered to pay this amount while he appeals the ruling. Failure to provide a bond could result in property being seized, including the Trump building.

Eric Trump noted that when he approached insurance companies about the bond, they reacted with disbelief because of its astronomical sum. He argued that this scale of demand was not feasible. Donald Trump, for his part, said he has about $500 million in cash but doesn’t want to pay the fine, criticizing the judge involved.

Eric Trump pointed out the rarity of such large bonds in the United States and emphasized the political nature of the case. He suggested that legal proceedings were aimed at preventing the former president’s political aspirations. Donald Trump, who recently secured the Republican nomination for president, claims that this case represents a ‘right.’ The family believes excessive bond requests should hinder their political efforts.

By Samantha Johnson

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