The made-for-television league, TGL, will have to wait until early 2025 to begin, after the dome that was supposed to host the league collapsed last week. According to a TGL statement, “the decision was made after reviewing short-term solutions, potential construction timelines, player schedules and the prime-time sports television calendar.”

The six-team league was scheduled to begin on January 9, 2024 at the SoFi Center, a custom-built arena on the Palm Beach campus [Fla.] State College. However, a partial power outage last Tuesday caused the dome to deflate. “There were no injuries and most of the technology was unaffected,” TGL said in a statement.

TGL’s simulator is about 20 times the size of a standard simulator and has an adjustable surface in a “green zone” that allows for various shots. Woods, who co-founded the league with McIlroy and Mike McCarley, expressed his excitement about TGL in a statement. “I believe in TGL,” he said. “As momentum has grown this past year, I am even more excited about what it can become for fans of golf around the world.”

McIlroy also shared his thoughts on the postponement. He said: “While we are disappointed by this turn of events, we view it as an opportunity to regroup and come back stronger as we prepare for launching our innovative new league.”

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