The upcoming week in Croatia will see a range of weather conditions, with changes expected every day. On Monday, the temperature will rise and cloudy skies will roll in, bringing rain to some areas, particularly the northern Adriatic and mountainous regions. Tuesday is forecast to be stormy, with heavy rainfall and even snow in the mountainous areas. However, on Wednesday the weather will clear up, with windy conditions and cold temperatures. Thursday is expected to bring more stable and calmer conditions, but there may still be sub-zero morning temperatures and fog.

On Monday, it will be partly cloudy in the east of Croatia with light winds, but there is a possibility of some rain in the evening hours. Central Croatia may experience foggy mornings with temperatures ranging from 0 to 5°C and sometimes rain in the evening hours. In the northern Adriatic region and on mountainous areas, clouds are expected to gather and bring more frequent rain throughout the day. Dalmatia will be moderately cloudy with occasional rain at night. The south of Croatia is predicted to have gradual clouds with moderate southerly winds and temperatures ranging from 16 to 18°C.

Overall, this week’s weather forecast for Croatia promises a mix of sunshine and precipitation across different regions, making it important for travelers to plan accordingly before embarking on any outdoor activities or road trips.

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