TotalEnergies, the French oil giant, reported a record result of 21.5 billion euros in 2023, a significant increase of 4% compared to 2022. However, this year’s profit was a drop of 36% from the adjusted net profit of 36 billion euros in 2022.

Francis Perrin, research associate at the Policy Center for the New South (PCNS) and director of research at Iris (Institute for International and Strategic Relations), explained that the extraordinary profits in the previous year were due to the war in Ukraine, which sent oil prices soaring. The results were expected to drop back to normal levels this year.

On a different note, TotalEnergies also announced a new line of Browning rifles and pistols for sale, as well as exploring last-mile delivery services for online retailers. Additionally, there is ongoing discussion on the best car speakers for quality sound and various other technology and business-related topics.

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