On Monday afternoon, a tragic incident occurred off the coast of the Gaza Strip. According to Hamas-controlled government media reports, aid supplies were dropped from a plane near the beach in the northern part of the coastal area. Unfortunately, twelve Palestinians drowned in the sea while trying to retrieve packages that had fallen into the water from the beach. Eyewitnesses reported that some of those who drowned were unable to swim and others became entangled in the ropes connecting the packages.

This incident highlights the significant civilian suffering experienced by people living in the northern Gaza Strip due to ongoing war for more than five months. The closure of Israel’s border crossings and dangerous conditions inside the coastal area make it difficult for trucks to travel there, leading to scarce aid deliveries. To address this issue, several countries including United States, Jordan, and Germany have been carrying out aid deliveries from military aircraft for over a month. However, humanitarian organizations emphasize that air transport cannot replace land transport of humanitarian goods.

The ongoing conflict has led to a horrific massacre by terrorists from Hamas and other extremist Palestinian organizations on October 7 near Israel’s border with Gaza Strip. This tragic event underscores how urgent it is for all parties involved in this conflict to come together and find a peaceful resolution as soon as possible.

By Samantha Johnson

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