A recent survey published by the Wall Street Journal reveals that Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden in six out of seven key states for the upcoming November 2024 presidential election in the United States. Trump’s leadership has been attributed to concerns about the US economy and Biden’s advanced age. Once solidly blue states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania have become battleground states with Trump at the helm.

Trump has a two-point lead in Michigan and Pennsylvania, and a three-point lead in Wisconsin. He also leads in Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, with leads of three, four, and five points respectively. In addition to this, Trump is ahead of Biden on issues related to the economy, immigration, and fighting inflation. On the other hand, Biden has an advantage when it comes to defending abortion and reproductive rights.

Concerns have been expressed that ongoing conflict in Gaza could affect the November elections not only for the White House but also for Congress. Democratic officials fear that war in Gaza which has 55 percent of Americans opposed and only 18 percent of Democratic voters could hurt their re-election chances. There are concerns that protests against US support for Israel could affect Biden’s re-election prospects with some groups advocating a no-vote for the president in protest.

Furthermore, there are fears of potential protests at Biden’s rallies and public events due to ongoing political tensions between Israelis and Palestinians over Gaza. Democratic lawmakers are concerned that these protests could affect Biden’s re-election campaign with some calling for consistent shutdown of Israel to improve his political standing. The situation in Gaza is expected to be a key factor in the upcoming election with potential ramifications for both the presidential race and Congress.

In summary, while polls show that Trump leads Biden on several key issues including economic growth and immigration policy; Biden holds an advantage when it comes to protecting reproductive rights. Additionally, concerns about ongoing conflicts like Gaza could affect voter turnout leading up to November 2024 elections – both at local level as well as national level.

By Samantha Johnson

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