In a recent legal development, Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit against Andy Litinsky and Wes Moss, the co-founders of Trump Media & Technology Group, the parent company of Truth Social. The lawsuit alleges that Litinsky and Moss should lose their shares in the company due to improper setup.

Litinsky and Moss, who appeared on Trump’s reality TV show “The Apprentice,” have been accused by Trump of wrongdoing in trying to expose the Trump media years ago. This alleged mishandling caused the project to be delayed for over a year and a half. In addition to this, Trump’s lawsuit also criticizes Litinsky and Moss for their lawsuit against him in Delaware, which sought to block Trump Media’s successful plan to go public by merging with Digital World Acquisition.

Since its market debut, Trump Media’s stock has seen a fluctuating trend. Shares recently closed at $51.60, up 6%, valuing the company at $5.9 billion. The success of Truth Social is a significant development, but the ongoing legal battle with Litinsky and Moss remains contentious as they continue to fight for their shares in the company.

The legal battle between Trump and his former business partners has been ongoing since February when Litinsky and Moss filed a complaint seeking to prevent Trump from reducing their combined 8.6 percent stake in the company. This latest lawsuit is just another chapter in this long-standing saga between two powerful figures in the world of media and technology.

As the court case unfolds, investors will be closely watching how this situation develops as it could impact not only Truth Social but also other companies in the same industry.

In conclusion, Donald Trump’s decision to file a lawsuit against his former business partners has added another layer of complexity to an already contentious situation. As both parties continue to fight for what they believe is right, investors will need to closely monitor this situation as it could have far-reaching implications for both individuals and industries involved.

By Samantha Johnson

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