Eric Trump recently made headlines after revealing that insurers scoffed at his attempts to secure a $454 million bond to cover his father’s civil fraud conviction. Donald Trump has until Monday to raise the funds or risk having his assets seized. In an interview with Fox News, Eric Trump criticized the court’s decision, calling it a form of “law” aimed at impeding his father’s ability to fund his election campaign.

Eric Trump expressed frustration at the exorbitant sum and argued that such a large bond was not commercially available in the United States. The bond amount includes $355 million, plus interest, that Donald Trump was ordered to pay while he appealed a verdict in a civil fraud trial in New York. Even industry experts were surprised by the astronomical figure.

Despite his father’s claim that he has $500 million in cash, Donald Trump has been reluctant to comply with the court order because of what he sees as unfair treatment by the judge. Eric Trump highlighted the unprecedented nature of the bond’s size, noting that even industry experts were surprised by the astronomical figure.

Donald Trump’s legal team tried to delay the sentence, citing political motives behind the case. The former president and his son believe the demand for hefty bonds is an attempt to hinder his political efforts. In a statement to Fox News, Eric Trump called the situation “the law” and criticized the system for targeting his father’s campaign finance.

By Samantha Johnson

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