Trust Stamp has introduced a new item known as the Tap-In Band. This wristband is tamper-resistant and hypoallergenic, producing it appropriate for participants in neighborhood monitoring applications. The band utilizes GPS and NFC technologies on the user’s mobile telephone, enabling them to discreetly verify in and communicate. By pressing the band on their telephone, customers can confirm their place and effectively-becoming, accessing a customized net portal with messaging and two-way audio-visual communication.

The Tap-In Band improves biometric facial authentication, making use of the phone’s camera. Trust Stamp holds a provisional patent from the US Patent and Trademark Workplace for multi-aspect authentication with a tamper-resistant strip and biometric authentication. In contrast to other devices worn on the wrist or wrist, the Tap-In Band does not have a battery. This eliminates the be concerned of battery failure and the inconvenience of charging. In addition, the band does not include GPS tracking technologies, minimizing users’ issues about intrusive surveillance.

If the tape is removed, it will permanently notify of tampering, even if it has been competently repaired. Trust Stamp’s Tap-In Band and connected biometric processes use the company’s patented IT2 identity tokenization processes. These processes enable customers to authenticate themselves making use of their biometric details, devoid of the need to have to retailer biometric photos or templates.

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