A 17-year-old Turkish student was attacked by pro-Kurdish protesters while on a school trip in Brussels. The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, personally reached out to the victim and expressed concern for his well-being. The attackers targeted the boy and another student of Turkish origin after learning they were from Turkey, resulting in injuries to the teenager.

President Erdogan condemned the violent attack and called the perpetrators “immoral and despicable villains.” He assured the boy’s family that the Turkish authorities and embassy are closely monitoring the situation. The victim’s father thanked President Erdogan for his phone call and hoped for his son’s speedy recovery.

The incident occurred during a lunch break in Brussels where pro-Kurdish demonstrations were taking place. It resulted in a brawl that required police intervention to restore order. This heightened tensions between the Turkish and Kurdish communities in Belgium following recent clashes between PKK supporters and individuals of Turkish origin.

President Erdoğan’s appeal to the victims and condemnation of the attack underscored the need for peace and tolerance among different communities in Belgium. He urged all parties involved to refrain from violence and work towards finding peaceful solutions to their differences.

The attack also highlighted concerns about rising hate crimes against Turks living abroad, particularly in Western Europe where they often face discrimination due to their cultural beliefs or political affiliations.

As such, it is important for governments around the world to take action against these attacks, including educating people about cultural diversity, promoting tolerance, and implementing policies that protect minority groups from discrimination.

Overall, President Erdogan’s actions demonstrate that leaders must take a stand against hate crimes and work towards creating a more inclusive society where everyone feels valued and respected regardless of their background or beliefs.

By Samantha Johnson

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