The UK’s business pages are buzzing with news today. The Times reports that Barclays is close to paying off £1.1bn of debt to Lloyds Banking Group and regaining control of The Daily and Sunday Telegraph newspapers. Meanwhile, investors in OpenAI are pushing for Sam Altman to return as CEO.

The Guardian highlights the need for the UK to invest in more laboratory space, improve transport links, and offer tax breaks if Rishi Sunak wants to become a scientific superpower. Union leaders are calling on Tata Steel to keep its blast furnace at Port Talbot open until 2032 to avoid job losses.

The Telegraph reports that Dutch startup Heuro is in talks to raise around €1 billion and plans to launch a rival service to Eurostar through the Channel Tunnel. Economists suggest that Brexit has boosted UK wage growth.

Finally, Sky News reveals that British Chancellor Jeremy Hunt will announce a review of payment authentication rules as part of a post-Brexit crackdown on fraud.

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