The Ukrainian military is set to receive another package of much-needed military aid from the United States, valued at 100 million dollars. This aid, which has already been approved by US Congress, includes Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, Himars multi-barrel rocket launchers and artillery ammunition.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his gratitude for the aid in a daily video message on Monday. He said that the meeting between him and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was productive and that it was important to ensure adequate military capabilities are integrated judiciously in order to achieve real effects on the battlefield.

Austin emphasized the importance of maintaining bipartisan support in both houses of Congress for Ukraine’s fight against Russia. Despite some American politicians questioning the need to maintain US aid at current levels, he assured Ukraine that they have “bipartisan support.”

The State Department issued a statement encouraging Congress to approve additional funding for Ukraine, stating that it is critical to support their efforts in combatting Russian aggression.

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