The US energy regulators have issued a warning about the potential impact of continued threats of outages from storms and extended cold spells on the power grid and the economy. In response to this, the Biden administration has announced $3.5 billion in grants for clean energy projects aimed at combating climate change and promoting renewable energy. However, there are concerns about rising costs, development challenges, and regulatory hurdles that could hinder progress.

In the inaugural episode of Accelerating Energy, host Ken Irwin, partner at Sidley, talks with Larry Gasteiger, CEO of VIRES, a nonprofit trade association that promotes investment in the North American electric transmission system. During their discussion, they emphasized the importance of solving the challenges faced by the electrical network and the benefits of investing in energy transmission infrastructure. They also highlighted the need to overcome regulatory hurdles to ensure the success of clean energy projects and the resilience of the power grid.

As the US focuses on transitioning to renewable energy sources, this conversation provides insight into the obstacles that must be overcome to achieve these goals. It serves as an introduction to energy transmission issues and potential solutions that can support the transition to a more sustainable and resilient energy system.

The episode provides valuable perspectives on current state of power grid and efforts to advance clean energy initiatives. The hosts discuss how investing in energy transmission infrastructure can benefit both economic growth and environmental sustainability. They also explore how regulatory policies can either facilitate or hinder progress towards these goals.

Overall, this episode sheds light on an important topic that is relevant not just for those involved in clean energy projects but also for anyone interested in ensuring a more sustainable future for our planet.

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