Prime Minister Meloni has emphasized the importance of unity within the ruling coalition, calling for internal strife to be avoided. The coalition is made up of three different forces from different political families and discussions are underway on their positioning for the upcoming European elections. In recent events related to Identity and Democracy in Rome, League leader Salvini criticized France and did not express support for von der Leyen. This has led to a call for cooperation within the coalition, as Meloni has stressed that the focus should be on building a majority that supports the commission president.

Liga and Forza Italia have also expressed their views on the matter, stressing the importance of a united center-right alliance in Europe. However, there have been some controversial comments made by Salvini about Macron, which have been noted. Despite this, other political leaders have considered the importance of unity within the coalition and working towards governance rather than internal conflicts. Ultimately, Meloni’s goal is to present a united front and work towards common goals in the upcoming elections.

By Samantha Johnson

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