The Financial Times’ free schools access programme has brought us this teacher-recommended article, which delves into various aspects of the European and American economies. The article highlights some intriguing questions that arise when comparing these two regions.

One such question is whether the European economy can ever match the US economy in terms of potential growth. The article examines the differences in labor expectations between the EU and the US, and how these affect economic “dynamism” in each region.

Another topic of discussion is the projections for aging labor markets in both the EU and the US, and their potential impact on long-term growth. Additionally, regulatory disparities between these two regions are explored to understand their effects on economic growth.

Furthermore, this article compares fiscal spending and deficits between Europe and America, speculating on how these factors may change in the future. Ariel Slonim from MRU Econinbok provides insightful analysis on all these topics.

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By Samantha Johnson

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