A recent course held at the Aggie Chocolate Factory in Logan brought together professionals from various chocolate companies to learn about the art and science of chocolate making. The course, titled Why Chocolate Tastes So Good: The Art and Science of Chocolate Making, featured expert presenters from the confectionery industry, as well as Utah State University food science professor Silvana Martini.

The course provided a comprehensive overview of the chocolate manufacturing process, including everything from growing cocoa beans and sustainable farming practices to the various stages of processing that result in cocoa liquor, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, compound coating, chocolate and chocolate candy. Participants had the opportunity to engage in hands-on chocolate-making activities.

Steve Burnett, manager of the Aggie Chocolate Factory, emphasized the importance of holding the course at their facility. He highlighted the importance of cooperation with the Association of Professional Manufacturing Confectioners (PMCA) and its long-term commitment to education and support of members in the confectionery industry. Although Aggie Chocolate Factory creates and sells products, its main focus is on learning and research. The facility’s official name, the Aggie Chocolate Factory Learning and Research Center, reflects this emphasis on student-centered research and teaching.

Dr. Martini emphasized the importance of PMCA in the confectionery industry, highlighting its reputation as a leading trade organization for professional education. She also highlighted how PMCA helps professionals advance their knowledge and skills in creating products that bring joy to people through their partnership with companies like Aggie Chocolate Factory. Through this partnership, Aggie Chocolate Factory continues to play a key role in advancing knowledge and skills in

By Samantha Johnson

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