The United States and Great Britain have made history by signing an agreement on artificial intelligence, marking a significant step towards advancing global cooperation and understanding in the field of AI. This groundbreaking agreement represents the world’s first bilateral agreement focused on AI security, as governments around the world increasingly seek greater regulations to address the risks associated with new technologies.

In particular, this agreement will facilitate cooperation between the British Institute for Artificial Intelligence Security (AISI) and its American counterpart, allowing the exchange of expertise through secondment of researchers from both countries. These institutes will work together to independently evaluate private AI models developed by companies such as OpenAI and Google.

This partnership is modeled on the close collaboration between the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHK) and the US National Security Agency on intelligence and security matters, highlighting a shared commitment to protecting national security interests in the digital age. As governments continue to grapple with complex challenges posed by emerging technologies, agreements like this one pave the way for greater international cooperation and coordination in addressing these issues.

By Samantha Johnson

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