The recent attack on aid workers from the World Central Kitchen (WCK) in Gaza has raised concerns for the safety of those involved in humanitarian efforts in the region. As a result, Israel has been asked to provide assurances to the government in Abu Dhabi to prevent such incidents from happening again.

According to initial findings by the IDF, airstrikes targeted VCK vehicles after they received food from an aid ship funded by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned the attack and called for an independent investigation to hold those responsible accountable for violations of international humanitarian law.

In response, Israel and Cyprus issued a joint statement condemning the incident and emphasizing the need for international cooperation in solving the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The naval aid dock, funded by both countries and WCK, was supposed to facilitate the transfer of humanitarian aid to Gaza but is now at risk due to recent attacks.

The UAE’s aid operation Brave Horseman, led by an adviser to President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Muhammad Dahlan, has been instrumental in supporting Gaza during times of conflict. Dahlan’s efforts have shown a commitment to easing the situation for residents and challenging Hamas’ control over the region. While uncertainty remains about what may happen in the future, Dahlan’s actions signal hope for Gazans amid ongoing conflicts.

By Samantha Johnson

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