The value of cocoa has been steadily increasing for several months, with one ton now costing more than $10,000. This increase in price is due to a combination of factors, including disappointing harvests and the El Niño weather phenomenon. Despite these challenges, investing in cocoa could prove profitable as the price has reached unprecedented heights in recent months.

On Tuesday, $10,047 was paid for a ton of cocoa beans on the New York futures market. This represents an 186 percent increase from a month ago when cocoa cost nearly $6,000 per ton and a year ago when it was just under $3,000. The high price of cocoa can be attributed to poor harvests caused by older and diseased trees as well as extreme weather conditions in Africa that have cut the harvest in half. Efforts are underway to increase cacao production in Brazil and Ecuador, but it will take years for these trees to bear fruit.

The high price of cocoa presents a challenge for Belgian chocolate producers, who face rising costs for their raw materials. The industry is worth 6.1 billion euros with exports amounting to 3.4 billion euros. Belgium is the world’s second-largest exporter of chocolate, with 11 percent of the world market. The port of Antwerp is also the largest storage location for cocoa beans in the world. As a result of high prices, chocolate prices are expected to rise but not as fast as the price of cocoa. Major companies such as Hershey and Mondelez have already indicated that they will raise prices for consumers to cover their costs. Belgian producers like Libert can partially hedge against record prices by buying cocoa at times when the price is low.

In conclusion, while investing in cocoa could prove profitable due to its current high value, it presents challenges for industries that rely on it heavily such as Belgian chocolate producers who may need to raise prices or find alternative sources of supply if prices continue to rise rapidly.

By Samantha Johnson

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