The world’s two largest economies, the United States and China, recently held talks to discuss closer ties. The all-male meeting between Xi Jinping and several American business leaders took place in Beijing amid improving US-China relations.

During the meeting, Xi Jinping emphasized that the relationship between the two countries is mutually beneficial, despite pushback from the US regarding the influence of the Chinese Communist Party. Notable attendees included Blackstone founder Stephen Schwartzman, Qualcomm chairman and CEO Cristiano Amon, Bloomberg chairman Mark Carney, and FedEx chairman Rajesh Subramaniam.

Despite China’s economic struggles due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Xi Jinping highlighted that the country is once again contributing to global economic growth. He stressed that Sino-American relations are crucial at a global level and have a significant impact on both nations’ well-being and humanity’s future.

The meeting with Xi Jinping followed a previous meeting between Xi and President Biden in San Francisco last November. This positive trend indicates that efforts are being made to strengthen ties between the US and China by other members of President Biden’s administration.

Trade tensions between the US and China have been a concern ahead of President Biden’s upcoming election in November 2022. However, it is expected that President Biden will face opposition from former President Trump, who has expressed admiration for Xi Jinping and other authoritarian leaders. Despite this challenge, Xi Jinping remains optimistic about improved China-US relations and emphasizes partnership and mutual respect for positive outcomes.

Overall, these talks highlight how important it is for nations to maintain strong relationships with one another for mutual benefit and progress towards a better future for all people around the world.

By Samantha Johnson

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