The Bansko World Cup slalom race had to be canceled after the first 31 competitors finished due to heavy rain, strong wind, and deteriorating conditions. FIS judge Markus Waldner explained that the remaining competitors faced uncertain conditions and that the forecast showed no signs of improvement. The decision to cancel the race was made in the interest of fairness and safety for the athletes.

Despite the difficult conditions, a large audience had gathered in the stands at the start of the competition. The first 31 runners struggled to produce courses close to Clement Noel’s leading time, many of them struggling with visibility and wet goggles. Noel had a strong lead at the front of the field after his great performance, keeping his composure even after moving down the course.

The cancellation of the race was a disappointing end to what had been an exciting day for both athletes and spectators alike. However, it was ultimately necessary for ensuring fairness and safety in this high-performance sport. The next slalom race will be held at Stifel Palisades Tahoe Cup on February 25th.

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