In a major breakthrough, a cold case from Placer County has finally been solved thanks to advanced DNA technology. Patricia Rose was a woman who disappeared around 1980, leaving behind her 18-month-old child who was found alone in a Sacramento hotel. Despite extensive efforts, Rose was never heard from again and her skeletal remains were never identified.

Years later, the Otram Laboratory stepped in to help identify the remains. Otram Lab is a private genealogical laboratory that works with law enforcement agencies to identify human remains. Their sequencing is far more advanced than traditional methods and can trace relatives up to sixth cousins. Using this technology, Otram Labs were able to find a sibling of the victim living in Oregon. This person had a sister who disappeared around 1980 from Placer County.

Otram Lab spoke about their experience working on this case and the impact it had on them. “It’s an incredible feeling,” said Michael Vaughan of Otram Labs. “We’ve put so much effort into making sure that we’re generating really good data that investigators can use. At the end of the day, our job is to give them another clue that they wouldn’t have otherwise because they’ve tried everything else.”

Thanks to this advanced technology and the hard work of law enforcement agencies, Patricia Rose has finally been identified after nearly four decades of being missing. The Placer County Sheriff’s Office is now asking for any information about Patricia Rose who was estranged from her husband at the time she went missing, to come forward so that they can continue their investigation into her disappearance.

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