Aries men are incredibly honest and direct, but their aggression can hurt the special woman by their side. On the other hand, Aries women are clumsy with words and often want to be independent and self-sufficient, even though they may not always be true to themselves.

Taurus is responsible and financially stable, but Taurus men often hold grudges and remember little things, which makes it hard for them to deal with loneliness. Taurus women are strong, generous, but they can be stubborn and sometimes lie to be liked in society.

Gemini men are flexible and social, but they can only be honest to a certain extent. Gemini women are interesting and intelligent, but they try too hard at times.

Cancers are emotional and attracted to people, but they can be insecure and often lie about their emotional addiction. Cancer women are adventurous and intelligent, but they pretend to be popular in society.

Leo likes to take control, but lies to convince others of their power. Leo women are brave and progressive, but they often lack compassion towards others.

Virgo is analytical and rational, but she lies about her deep emotions. Virgo women easily connect with the emotional side of things, but they lie about their honesty when it comes to expressing their feelings to others.

Libra men are laid back and carefree, but they often pretend not to care about others’ approval or validation. Libra women are also carefree and adventurous, but they lie about their emotional connection with others at times.

Scorpio is driven by emotions rather than logic or reason

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