In Uvalde, Texas, Mayor Cody Smith has announced his resignation due to undisclosed health issues. Smith, who was elected in November following the 2022 shooting at Robb Elementary School, had a platform that focused on helping the city recover. His resignation took effect immediately and was announced in a statement on Monday.

Mayor Pro-Tem Everardo Zamora will now serve as mayor until a new mayor is elected on November 5th. This news comes just before a City Council meeting that may include discussions about school shootings. The departure of Mayor Smith comes after the resignation of Uvalde Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez in early April.

The Uvalde community continues to demand accountability and justice after the school shooting. A Justice Department report pointed out several failings in the response to the shooting, while a separate report cleared the police of any wrongdoing, much to the disappointment of parents and residents.

Brett Cross, father of one of the victims who lost his son in the shooting, expressed his disappointment at Mayor Smith’s resignation. He believed that Smith was starting to communicate with families affected by the tragedy and work towards improving their community and achieving justice for those impacted by this tragedy.

Next month marks two years since the tragic events at Robb Primary School. The Uvalde community continues to grapple with its aftermath and demands transparency from local leaders and law enforcement as they seek accountability for what happened that fateful day.

In conclusion, Mayor Cody Smith’s resignation due to undisclosed health issues has left many unanswered questions in Uvalde. However, it is important for us to continue supporting these families and advocating for justice for all those impacted by this tragic event.

By Samantha Johnson

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