On Saturday, in Bernarda Vukas Street, Zagreb, a heroic man risked his life to save a child from a rabid dog. The man saw the child being attacked by the dog, which had bitten into the hood of the jacket with its teeth. A woman nearby tried to separate the animal from the child with a leash, but the dog continued to hold on tightly.

Without hesitation, the man jumped onto the dog and managed to pull it away from the child with his bare hands. However, this brave act came at a cost as the dog bit him several times on his hands. Despite this, he remained calm and managed to fend off the attack until both the woman and her pet moved away.

The man was rushed to KBC Dubrava hospital where he received severe physical injuries to both of his hands. It is currently unknown how long his recovery will take, but doctors are praising his heroism and hope for a speedy recovery. The hospital confirmed that their employee was indeed involved in this incident and that he underwent successful surgery.

The incident has sparked outrage among locals who are demanding justice for the man’s actions. Many have praised him as a true hero who saved a life without any hesitation or fear for his own safety. The police are currently conducting an investigation into this matter and are looking for any leads or witnesses that may be able to shed light on what happened during that fateful day on Bernarda Vukas Street.

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