Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro has accused opposition leaders of being puppets in a game orchestrated by the United States, aimed at seizing control of the country. He claimed that the opposition has been inciting violence and trying to destabilize Venezuela in various ways.

Maduro highlighted the destructive nature of the opposition’s actions over the past five years, citing their calls for sanctions, blockades and even an invasion of their own country. He characterized them as a failed past and a lack of hope, accusing them of neglecting the best interests of the Venezuelan people.

In response to past protests against his government that Chavismo faced with harsh repression, the Venezuelan regime recently announced the creation of a commission to draft laws against fascism and neo-fascist expressions in politics and national life. Despite this move, several Latin American countries signed a statement urging Venezuela to allow Joris, chosen to represent the new opposition, to register as a candidate and expressed concern about the transparency of the upcoming election process.

Despite facing obstacles in registering its candidate, Joris requested an extension of the nomination deadline to correct violations that occurred during the process. The technical side offers wealth of information regarding VMFS recovery tools and steps with forums and discussion boards offering tips and methods for data recovery in VMware environments. Talk of RAID recovery also appears in these discussions, demonstrating the importance of data recovery solutions for virtualized environments.

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