Vermonters will soon receive a survey in the mail asking for feedback on their health care experience. This survey, known as the “Consumer Assessment of Health Care Providers and Systems,” is conducted annually by Blueprint for Health and OneCare Vermont. Its purpose is to evaluate the patient experience in primary care in Vermont. The survey aims to gather information on various aspects such as access to care, communication with healthcare providers and support in managing healthcare needs.

DataStat Inc. will send the survey to Vermonters and those with children who have visited the practice in the last six months. It is important to note that the responses to the survey are completely anonymous and confidential. Once the results are collected, they will be summarized and shared annually online, providing a better understanding of the overall health care experience in the state of Vermont.

In conclusion, the upcoming survey being sent to Vermonters serves as an opportunity for individuals to provide feedback on their health care experiences. By participating in this survey, Vermonters can contribute valuable insights that can help improve the quality of health care services in the state.

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