Image Comics has appointed Jim Viscardi as its new Vice President of Business Development, effective immediately. In his new role, Viscardi will be responsible for driving strategic business growth and building new relationships with the industry. He will collaborate closely with the sales and marketing teams and report directly to Image Comics’ publisher and chief creative officer, Eric Stevenson.

Viscardi is an experienced media executive who co-founded popular comic book news site in 2015. In that role, he managed editorial strategy, content creation, video production and social media growth. The site was acquired by CBS Interactive, now Paramount Global, in 2018 and remains a leading source of comic book industry news. Prior to his role at, Viscardi worked in marketing and communications at Marvel Entertainment.

Viscardi is excited about joining Image Comics and contributing to the company’s legacy of fostering creative independence while driving strategic business growth. He emphasized the importance of pushing boundaries, inspiring innovation and amplifying the voices of creators around the world.

Stephenson, publisher of Image Comics, expressed his excitement about working with Viscardi in his new role. He has known Viscardi for about a decade and admires his work ethic, passion for comics and unique perspective on the industry. Stephenson believes that these qualities will serve him well in driving business growth for Image Comics.

Viscardi said he looks forward to working with Stephenson and the rest of the team at Image Comics to continue to push boundaries in comic books while building new business relationships for the company.

Image Comics has been a leader in fostering creativity within its authors since its founding over 30 years ago. With Viscardi’s appointment as Vice President of Business Development, they are continuing this tradition while also looking towards future growth opportunities within the industry.

Viscardi’s experience in creating successful online platforms combined with his passion for comics makes him an ideal candidate for this position at Image Comics. His ability to build relationships with creators around the world will be crucial as they continue to grow their audience base.

In conclusion, Viscardi’s appointment as Vice President of Business Development at Image Comics is an exciting development for both the company and its fans alike. His unique perspective on pushing boundaries and inspiring innovation will be instrumental in driving strategic business growth while continuing to foster creativity among authors within their community.

By Samantha Johnson

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