In a recent interview, author Sung-Yun Lee sheds light on why Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, is considered “the most dangerous woman in the world.” With the ongoing war in Ukraine, Russia appears to be looking to North Korea for weapons assistance. Given this context, Kim Jong Un will soon meet with President Putin in Russia. Lee delves into the dynamics of the Kim dynasty and provides insight into what the future may hold for this reclusive nation.

Kim Yo Jong, who is preparing to succeed her brother, has quickly become the most powerful woman in North Korea. She currently oversees the regime’s propaganda department and has taken a significant role in shaping the country’s foreign policy. Lee’s new book, titled “Sister,” details Kim Yo Jong’s remarkable rise and offers a comprehensive analysis of her growing power and influence.

Through his book, Lee aims to dissect the intricacies of the Kim dynasty and provide an understanding of the potential implications of Kim Yo Jong’s rise to power. With his prominent position and involvement in domestic and international affairs, Lee argues that Kim Yo Jong poses a significant threat not only to North Korea’s adversaries but also to the stability of the world order.

As the author further explores the trajectory of Kim Yo Jong, he reveals how her pivotal role and involvement in the regime’s propaganda efforts enabled her to have an enormous influence on the country’s population. Moreover, its increasing involvement in shaping North Korea’s foreign policy underscores its ability to exercise control and make decisions with far-reaching consequences.

Examining the rise of Kim Yo Jong, Sung-Yoon Lee invites readers to critically analyze North Korea’s future and the potential consequences of its leadership. As the nation’s most powerful woman and a key figure in shaping its politics, Kim Yo Jong’s actions and decisions will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the country’s outlook and its relations with the international community. Through “Sister,” Lee provides readers with valuable insights into the complexities of North Korea’s power dynamics and the potential dangers associated with Kim Yo Jong’s rise to power.

By Editor