During a speech in Washington, Vietnamese Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son expressed hope that the United States would soon recognize Vietnam as a market economy. Currently, the US classifies Vietnam as a ‘non-market economy’ in import violation cases, resulting in higher anti-dumping duties.

Son emphasized the importance of improving economic trade and investment cooperation between the two countries, especially after the agreement on the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership last year. He highlighted key areas for cooperation, including focusing on improving supply chain resilience, developing the digital economy, promoting energy and green economy initiatives, and strengthening logistics. These areas are considered vital to fostering closer economic ties and mutual benefits between the United States and Vietnam.

The Vietnamese foreign minister’s comments were made during a discussion at the Brookings Institution think tank in Washington. In his speech, he stressed the need for both countries to work together to improve their economic relations. Son’s comments underscored Vietnam’s commitment to advancing economic cooperation with the United States and exploring opportunities for further cooperation in various sectors.

During his visit to Washington, Son met with American officials and business leaders to discuss ways of deepening economic ties between Vietnam and the United States. He emphasized that cooperation is essential for both countries’ growth and prosperity.

“Vietnam has been working hard to reform its economy,” Son said during his speech at Brookings. “We want to be recognized as a market economy by our partners like the US.”

Son also highlighted some key areas where he believes that cooperation can be improved between Vietnam and the US.

“We need to focus on improving supply chain resilience,” he said. “This will help us build stronger relationships with our partners like China.”

Son also emphasized that Vietnam is committed to developing its digital economy. “We want to become an e-commerce hub in Southeast Asia,” he said.

Finally, Son highlighted some energy initiatives that he believes could benefit both countries.

“We have abundant renewable energy resources,” he said. “We should explore ways of sharing these resources with our partners like Japan.”

By Samantha Johnson

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