Police in Virginia successfully located and arrested an escaped inmate from Wisconsin on Friday. The Alexandria Police Department’s Community Safety Team arrested Dustin Bone, who escaped from the Sanger B Correctional Center. Powers in Oneida on Sept. 11, police said in a news release. Officials were able to track down the stolen vehicle driven by Bone using license plate reader (LPR) technology. Alexandria Police Chief Don Hayes praised the arrest as a great example of how their use of advanced technology tools helps keep the community safe.

Before his escape, Bone was serving a seven-year sentence for armed robbery. He was only months away from being placed on extended supervision when he escaped. Fortunately, the authorities were able to arrest him without any complications. Currently, Bone is being held at the William G. Adult Detention Center. Truesdale in Alexandria, where he will remain until extradited back to Wisconsin, as reported by VUSA 9. This successful operation serves as a testament to the effectiveness of innovative technology in law enforcement efforts.

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