In recent news, Volvo has set a new record for the largest dividend ever paid by a truck manufacturer in the history of the Swedish stock market. The company’s general assembly has approved a dividend of SEK 7.5 per share and an additional dividend of SEK 10.5 per share, resulting in a total distribution of 36.6 billion crowns or approximately 3.2 billion euros to its shareholders. This decision marks a significant increase over the previous dividend record set in 2021 by Volvo, where the company distributed 30.5 billion kroner to its shareholders.

The earnings per share for Volvo in the previous year was reported as 24.5 kroner, and the recent closing price of shares was 317.95 kroner. This extraordinary decision by Volvo’s general assembly is a testament to the company’s financial strength and commitment to delivering value to its shareholders.

For more information on Volvo’s record dividend distribution, visit [insert link here].

By Samantha Johnson

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