Phishing scams are a growing concern for internet users, with millions of people falling victim and losing valuable personal information. These scams are also becoming more prevalent on popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp. In response to this issue, Meta has developed a new feature to protect its users from phishing attempts on the app.

The new feature allows users to quickly block a contact without having to open the message first, which was not possible before. Additionally, WhatsApp provides education to its users on how to identify phishing attempts, including looking for spelling or grammatical errors, asking them to click on a link, asking them to share personal information or forward a message for financial gain.

Phishing attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and difficult for users to detect. With over 2.78 billion WhatsApp users worldwide, it is easy for criminals to target large numbers of people. To combat this, WhatsApp has introduced features such as silent unknown numbers and the ability to report a number, allowing WhatsApp to analyze and permanently delete suspicious accounts.

The latest version of WhatsApp now allows users to block a message from an unknown number without having to open the app by simply tapping on the lock screen button. On the lock screen, users now have the option to reply and add the contact

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