Dr. Teresa K. Woodruff is a strong advocate for personalized medicine, and she believes that women’s health should be the starting point. She applauds the Biden White House for launching the first White House initiative on women’s health research, which she believes will lead to better well-being, generational health, and fundamental fairness.

Woodruff has been a longtime proponent of including sex as a biological variable in medical research, and her work has shown that this approach is essential to ensure that personalized medicine is effective for all individuals. The Biden White House initiative will address this issue by promoting individual health in various aspects such as heart health, immune health, and microbiome.

By focusing on women’s health, Woodruff believes that we can also improve generational health for those born after this paradigm-shifting initiative. Maternal health is a critical component of this approach, and the Biden administration plans to address maternal mortality rates and provide better healthcare services for women before, during, and after pregnancy.

In the end, Woodruff argues that prioritizing women’s health will lead to fundamental equity and address the lack of progress in improving women’s health issues. By prioritizing women’s well-being as a group and as individuals, everyone benefits from this approach.

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