Matt Canada’s recent removal from the stadium has left many questions on the table for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The team has been struggling with their offense all season, and it seems that the new coaching staff is looking to make changes to address these issues. While it is impressive that a 6-4 team would make such a change so close to Thanksgiving, it is clear that something needed to be done.

The offense has been criticized for its lack of identity and rhythm throughout the year. There is no clear strategy in place to shore up the defenses, and it appears that the team relies too heavily on individual talent rather than working together as a unit. On Sunday, the Jaylen Warren show was less than impressive, with 10 total points scored by receiver Deontae Johnson being taken away by a member of the coaching staff and head coach Mike Tomlin having to intervene in a fight. Running back Naji Harris also made post-game comments that were clearly on the receiving end of some criticism.

It remains to be seen how the new offensive brain trust will progress in terms of finding solutions to these problems. Currently, there are conflicting reports about who will call the plays and run the show, with running backs coach Eddie Faulkner and quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan being mentioned as potential candidates. However, one thing is certain – someone will need to step up and take charge if the Steelers are going to turn things around.

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