Kyle Dake and Zaurbek Sidakov, each top rated wrestlers with a total of seven titles, faced off in the finals of the 2023 Globe Championship. In the finish, it was Sidakov who emerged victorious, winning his fourth Globe/Olympic gold medal and sustaining his undefeated record at Globe and Olympic competitions.

In the initial period Dake took the lead, scoring the only point with a takedown halfway by means of the round. As the match progressed into the second period, the intensity escalated, top to a total of 16 points scored by each champions. Sidakov created an impressive outdoors step takedown early on, securing the added point from the activity timeout. Dake countered with a takedown of his personal, tying the score at three-three in regulation.

As the match entered its final minutes, Sidakov as soon as once again applied his outdoors step, resulting in a exceptional 11-point exchange in between the two wrestlers. The intensity of their overall performance left a lasting impression, and when the dust settled, Sidakov emerged as the winner with ten-7. This outstanding match will certainly be remembered for years.

Following the match, Dyke shared his thoughts through the post-match interview, reflecting on the fascinating fight and impressive performances from each athletes.

By Editor