Zizooboats GmbH Vienna has already initiated bankruptcy proceedings, while the Berlin branch is currently in preliminary bankruptcy proceedings. Coparion and Check 24 Ventures have been revealed to be participants in both branches of Zizooboats. The provisional receiver in Berlin is now responsible for securing and preserving the debtor’s assets by monitoring their activities.

The insolvency of Zizooboats was first reported by Yacht magazine, although there have been previous complaints about their business practices, including unpaid boat rentals and refunds for cancellations and failed rentals. In Vienna, Viennese lawyer Paul Kessler filed for bankruptcy with the Vienna Commercial Court, which ordered Zizooboats GmbH to pay an advance of 4,000 euros for the initial costs of the bankruptcy proceedings and to submit a “complete list of assets” by February 23, 2024. If Zizoo denies insolvency, they must prove that they have paid off their creditors or that they have entered into installment agreements with them.

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