Nine days ago, Canada’s House of Representatives announced a freeze on defense exports to Israel due to concerns about human rights abuses in the Gaza Strip. However, the country’s defense industry association is expressing confusion over the mixed messages coming from the decision compared to statements from the Ottawa administration. The Defense Industries Association of Canada (DIAC) president Christine Gianferrani emphasized the need for companies to receive clear information about changes in export policy in order to ensure compliance with new regulations.

In 2022, Israel was the second-largest export destination for Canadian defense products, accounting for approximately $21 million worth of exports. The volume of Canadian defense exports to Israel increased significantly during the Iron Swords War, with almost $28.5 million worth of exports in the first two months of conflict alone. Although other countries such as Italy have suspended defense exports to Israel due to diplomatic tensions, Germany has expressed concern but not taken concrete action against Israel.

The future of defense exports and international relations remains uncertain as major suppliers like the US continue to support Israel while smaller exporters like Canada navigate complex policy changes. The impact on Israel’s defense industry remains unknown as global dynamics unfold.

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By Samantha Johnson

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