The countdown to the FIFA Globe Cup coming to Dallas continues.

Dallas has currently secured a spot as a single of the 16 host cities for the tournament, but will it win the bid to host the final game of the Globe Cup?

That is what FIFA officials are nevertheless deciding when they check out AT&T Stadium in Arlington on Thursday.

According to the Dallas Sports Commission, the delegation is hunting at some “technical things and elements” in the course of what is thought of a “routine check out” in FIFA’s arranging method.

Arlington competes with Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York to host the tournament’s most significant game.

Fair Park in Dallas is also thought of the international headquarters for the world’s media covering the events.

Either way, regional firms are excited about the influence this could have on income.

Boiling Crab Co. is situated just a couple of meters from the entrance door of the stadium. They are employed to throwing massive football tailgate parties, but they are prepared to tackle the football tailgate in 3 years.

“It is finding super busy, but we’re pretty excited about the new company that is going to come our way,” mentioned manager Shelby Strickland. “It is going to be super amazing.”

Nearby arranging officials mentioned any game played in North Texas would be like the Super Bowl, economically speaking.

“It brings a lot of company, it assists a lot of firms right here — it genuinely impacts everyone,” Strickland mentioned.

But ahead of AT&T Stadium can host any FIFA games, improvements ought to be created to the field. The field requires to be raised four to six feet to widen the width and conform to the official field measurements set by FIFA officials.

According to FC Dallas officials, that renovation could expense millions and would be paid for by a state-run financial fund. For now, it is not identified precisely how significantly it will expense to renovate the field.

Thursday’s check out was private and closed to the media.

FIFA officials are anticipated to announce later this year or early subsequent year which city will host the final – and precisely how a lot of games will be played at AT&T Stadium.

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