Scotland’s Tom Stoltman recently made history by becoming the first Briton to win three World’s Strongest Man titles. The 29-year-old from Invergordon has expressed his belief that he is now among the sport’s greatest after his latest win.

Stoltmann, who stands at an impressive 6ft 8in, has won the prestigious title three times in the last four years, surpassing even legendary powerhouse Jeff Capes. Reflecting on his victory, Stoltman described it as a “pinch me” moment and emphasized the hard work he put in to regain the title after finishing runner-up the previous year. He believes that his focus on himself, rather than his competitors, is the key factor in securing victory.

Looking ahead, Stoltmann has expressed his ambition to surpass the current record holder, Poland’s Mariusz Pudjanowski, by winning the World’s Strongest Man title more than five times. His ultimate goal is to become the greatest of all time in strength sports. He remains hungry, motivated and determined to continue winning the title and maintain his status as the World’s Strongest Man. With age on his side and a fierce dedication to his craft, Stoltman aims to continue competing at a high level and hopes to hold on to the title for as long as possible. Winning the World’s Strongest Man title is a source of immense pride for Stoltmann, and he is committed to bringing the prestigious title back home to Scotland.

By Samantha Johnson

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