For four nights in a row, anti-Israel protests have been held in the Jordanian capital near the Israeli embassy. Despite their efforts, protesters were met with resistance from police and gendarmerie, leading to several arrests. The number of participants has decreased compared to previous days, with the majority being teenagers and students.

The demonstrations are a clear indication of frustration and anger towards Israel, as protesters demand concrete action from the Jordanian government to stop what they see as Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. They call for an end to all agreements with Israel, including the peace agreement (Wadi Arba agreement) and gas agreement. Additionally, they are calling for a ban on transportation of goods from countries in the Persian Gulf through Jordan and an export ban on vegetables.

These protests highlight the younger generation’s determination to take a stand against what they see as unjust actions by Israel. Their demands emphasize their desire for the Jordanian government to take a stronger stance in support of the Palestinian cause and against Israeli policies.

By Samantha Johnson

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