Little Bohemia, a historic neighborhood in Omaha, is experiencing growth with the addition of new businesses and apartments. However, with this growth comes an increase in traffic that raises concerns about accessibility and safety. Sheet Metal Works owner Dave Hempel has noticed an increase in trucks coming into the area each day, leading to potential unloading problems.

The Business Improvement District (BID) that focused on the development last year has approved a new board that aims to address these safety and accessibility issues. Industrial businesses outside the current BID are concerned about how these improvements will affect their operations, but they understand the importance of creating a safer environment for everyone in the area.

To address these concerns, the new sign will prioritize better lighting, improved parking options and the creation of additional parking spaces off the main corridor. Streetscapes will also be improved to help control traffic and create a safer environment for residents and businesses alike. Chicago Lumber owner Rick Hullinger recognizes the importance of these improvements as Little Bohemia continues to expand.

City council members are set to review and potentially approve the BID at an upcoming meeting, signaling progress toward making Little Bohemia a more vibrant and safe community for all residents and businesses.

By Samantha Johnson

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