In 2024, Meadow Montessori School held its annual science fair, with seventeen students from the school receiving ribbons in various age groups. The only school in the district to continue the tradition of holding a science fair across the entire school, Mead’s Montessori has been hosting this event every year since 1986.

This year’s Science Fair was a celebration of learning, where students had the opportunity to share their work and use scientific methods for critical thinking. Four judges, including Sarah Howard, Kyle Piedmonte-Lang, Stephanie Slatt and Frank Trirbon, reviewed each project and awarded prizes to the top three in five different age groups.

The Kindergarten age group saw Zain LaHart, Jakton Thurwanger and Luca Madrid receive ribbons for their projects. First and second graders Calvin Cunningham, Lennon Beamsley, Teddy Felder, Cash Guy and Maximus Humphreys also received recognition for their work. Third and fourth graders Jace Bourbeau, Etta Manley and Madison Smith were awarded ribbons for their projects as well. Fifth and sixth graders David Schall, Henry Wolbert and Landon Warshefski also received recognition for their work. Finally, seventh- and eighth-graders Jack Hopps-Zunk, Blake MacDonald and Juni Galbraith rounded out the list of award recipients.

Each student presented a unique and creative project at the Science Fair, showcasing their scientific inquiry and problem-solving skills. The fair serves as a reminder that learning is a continuous process that can be celebrated through creative expression.

By Samantha Johnson

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