The World Relay Championships in Paris will feature nine Pan American teams, led by the United States with four teams qualifying for the Olympics. Canada and the Dominican Republic also earned tickets to Paris at a weekend event hosted by the Bahamas to qualify for the 2024 championships.

The United States dominated the competition, securing spots in several events including the women’s and men’s 4x100m races, as well as the women’s 4x400m and 4x400m medley relays. They did not qualify for the men’s 4x400m race.

Canada had a solid showing, qualifying for several events including both men’s and women’s 4x100m and 4x400m races. The Dominican Republic secured a spot in Paris with world champions and Olympic medalists in the 4x400m medley relay.

Team Panam Sports ambassador Marileida Paulino led her team to second place in the medley relay, helping secure another place for the Caribbean in Paris. The United States set a new championship record with a time of 3:10.73 in the grand final of the women’s 4×1609.32 meter relay event.

Teams from Australia, France, Germany, Great Britain, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland and United States have qualified for several events including women’s 4x100m and men’s 4×16

By Samantha Johnson

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