WATCH: A 13-year-old tends to make history as the youngest graduate of Oklahoma City Neighborhood College

Elijah Muhammad achieved some thing that not numerous 13-year-olds can boast of: He graduated from college.

A young teenager lately walked across the stage at Oklahoma City Neighborhood College soon after earning an associate’s degree in pc science and cybersecurity.

Elijah told ABC News affiliate KOCO that he also has ten IBM certifications, one particular Google IT certification and is a graduate of Oklahoma State University.

“My dad has a homeschool system named Pro One particular Collegiate Academy and it essentially accelerates your understanding in the items you are interested in,” Elijah told “Great Morning America.” “So, since I was interested in cyber safety, it accelerated me in that and I was in a position to go to college earlier.”

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Elijah mentioned he would typically attract focus from other students in his college courses, and some believed he was becoming watched by an additional adult in the classroom.

Jai Wiggins

Elijah Muhammad graduated from Oklahoma City Neighborhood College.

“I told them I was basically in this class [at] my age — they had been shocked at initially,” he mentioned. “They believed I was just going to be quiet in class. But when I asked concerns and interacted with the class, they had been far more shocked.”

Elijah’s older sister, Shania Muhammad, told KOCO that her brother is “the smartest particular person I know.”

“And regardless of whether you are older or not, it is like I’ve by no means noticed [anything] like him,” she mentioned.

Shania, who spoke to KOCO about graduating from Langston University at just 15 years old, worked with Elijah and helped inspire him to graduate early.

“I got two associate’s degrees at 14 and sort of went by way of the exact same method,” Shania mentioned. “So I just kept carrying out my degree. I completed anything in two and a half years. So I was just sort of researching and just getting enjoyable, but it turned out quite awesome.”

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Elijah mentioned the siblings are “competitive,” but added, “When somebody else requires assist, we’re all there to assist every other.”

Jai Wiggins

Ilija Muhammed stands at graduation with his peers.

As substantially as he research, Ilija also has time for other activities, like swimming and basketball. He is also a motivational speaker and hopes to assist other individuals realize their ambitions.

“If you want to commit to developing four., you can do it,” Elijah told KOCO. “If you want to place your thoughts to winning a state championship, you can do it. You just have to place in the work it requires to get there.”

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