… CHANCES FOR SHOWERS AND THUNDERSTORMS THROUGH MEMORIAL… * An active pattern of scattered showers and thunderstorms throughout the day will continue through Memorial Day. Storms will be able to produce frequent cloud-to-ground lightning, strong gusty winds, hail and heavy rainfall. * With an influx of people enjoying the outdoors this weekend, it’s important that individuals have a way to quickly seek shelter in the event a thunderstorm approaches your area. If a sturdy building is not immediately available, a hardtop vehicle with rolled-up windows can offer good lightning protection. If you plan on doing activities that will leave you vulnerable to the elements such as hiking, consider doing most of those activities in the morning before afternoon/evening thunderstorms roll in. * With streams and even major rivers already running fast and cold, it is still advised to avoid swimming in many areas. Be aware that daily showers/thunderstorms will inherently come with the threat of flash flooding. Have a way to receive weather alerts and immediately get to higher ground if a nearby river or stream begins to rise rapidly, if you see debris floating in the water, or if the water suddenly becomes cloudy.

By Editor