During his visit to Brazil, French President Emmanuel Macron shared a warm bond with Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. The two leaders were seen smiling and embracing in the Amazon rainforest, causing excitement on social media. Pictures of their interaction went viral, with users making montages and funny comments about their friendship.

One photo of the leaders raising their hands under a tree was edited to show them holding red heart-shaped balloons. Another picture shows them holding hands and laughing while on a boat in the Amazon River. Some users joked about the possibility of Macron and Lula getting married in the Amazon and honeymooning in Paris, while others said the photos could be a wedding album.

Macron’s positive relationship with Lula contrasts with his previously strained relationship with former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. During his visit, the two leaders announced a $1 billion green investment plan for Amazon, acknowledging the importance of France and Brazil’s role in the global geopolitical landscape.

France and Brazil are also significant players on the international stage, with interests in aligning themselves with developing economies and amplifying their voice. Paris sees Brazil as a key nexus for expanding its influence, especially since Brazil holds the G20 presidency and is a member of the BRICS+ group. Macron’s visit ends with a meeting at the presidential palace in Brasilia, continuing to strengthen ties between France and Brazil.

By Samantha Johnson

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