Two Bainbridge business owners are bringing a unique blend of Asian and Haitian cuisine to the small town, giving residents a taste of international flavors. Christine Vankamp, owner of Ono Kine Local Grindz, is inspired by her Korean grandparents and upbringing in Hawaii, offering customers dishes like shoyu chicken, kalbi and lumpia. Meanwhile, Ritho Jean Louis, manager and owner of Ritho Caribbean Spot, grew up cooking for his sisters in Haiti and brings a unique blend of flavors to the area.

Both Louis and Vancamp are passionate about sharing their cultural heritage through food and providing a unique dining experience for the community. By offering Asian and Haitian cuisine in Bainbridge, they hope to introduce residents to new flavors and comfort foods they may not have experienced before. Their stories and dedication to their craft brought diversity and an international flair to the small town.

Vankamp’s Restaurant at the Bainbridge Marina has become a popular spot for locals looking to try something new and authentic. Lewis plans to host a corn festival to showcase his heritage along with other members of the Haitian and Latin American community. The festival will offer visitors a chance to learn about different cultures while enjoying delicious food from around the world.

In conclusion, these two business owners are bringing diversity to Bainbridge through their unique culinary offerings. They hope that their restaurants will become destinations for locals looking for something new and exciting on their palate while also introducing them to new cultures. Their passion for food is evident in every dish they prepare, making them an asset to the community as well as an important part of its cultural fabric.

By Samantha Johnson

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